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The Journal of Psychology published in 2009 titled, "Effect of Humor on Mate Selection and Interpersonal Attraction" is a study that investigated the effect of different levels of humor on attractiveness and desirability as a long-term partner. Is the attraction influenced by it? The study was conducted by Elizabeth McGee of the University of California and Mark Shevlin of the University of Ulster. The results showed that the targets with a good sense of humor received significantly higher ratings of attractiveness and suitability than those with only an average or no sense of it. Not surprising, isn't it?

In my opinion, there is no need of such studies as "The Humor and Attraction Study" is commonly known to arrive at such an obvious conclusion. Anyway, as I suppose, we all agree that humor is important, so let's look at it closely and establish exactly how we can model it so that we qualify ourselves as more seductive. The attraction that we show towards others is measurable - and I think a simple measure is in the number of friends we have. Look at this and if it is not as big as you want it to be, then go read further and study what you can do to improve your attractiveness by improving your sense of humor.

Before I go further, here is a famous quote of a celebrity actor:

"Best spontaneous speech that I ever held took me three weeks of preparation."

Besides making yourself entertained, that quote reveals an important fact related to humor, in which it is "premeditated" by those who practice it consistently and that the element of spontaneity usually associated with humor is a myth, a mirage specially created to enhance the humor impact. The more "spontaneous" it is, the more it becomes valuable, but did you ever ask yourself why the actors have so perfect replicas in the movies, and we lose ourselves in our everyday life, not knowing what to say in a lot of situations? How many times did we write or revise the scenario of our own life? Are we professionals or amateurs in our own lives? The scenarios of memorable and good movies are certainly written by professionals.

Let's see which would be the important and defining aspects of sense of humor, or in other words, let's hear what we have to say about comedians who made their profession their full-time job. Can we feel what animates and motivates them to do so?

First of all, on the level of identity, they know that they are individuals who posses a very good sense of humor and are able to make others laugh and feel good. And they certainly highly appreciate humor as a value and as such, they endeavor to bring it into theirs lives as often as they can. Some of the beliefs of such individuals are the following:

"The sense of humor is important; it is a resource par excellence."

"Its benefits are numerous and valuable."

"It's a strong binder for relationships."

"By sharing, you feel fully alive, you are totally present and you also give or offer something to others."

"The sense of humor opens your doors and provides opportunities."

"Friends who have sense of humor are precious and deserve being kept."

"To control the external events of life is difficult and often impossible, but how you look at them, your personal perspective on them is totally yours, and that the detached, humorous and playful approach is the most advantageous in all aspects."

So, what are they doing to keep other people happy at all times? Here's what I discovered:

They are constantly focusing on the fun aspects of life and develop a kind of radar for giving them emphasis by using all systems of representation such as mimicry, gestures, association, suggestions, imitation, suggesting auditory representations, etc...

They tend to always keep the most beneficial physiology -- always smiling, cordial, and relaxed. And in order to keep your physiology this way for a long time period, you have to feel the same inside. So these people include in their habits as many things as possible to make them and others happy, and that helps them to keep a permanent smile outside and from within. Some minor healthy habits that can help you follow their examples are: make compliments, tell your loved ones that you love them, kiss your partner often, and choose to cultivate relationships preferably with pleasant people.

They form the habit to accumulate humorous material in an organized manner so that they can memorize and interpret jokes / poems / more elaborate stories (like "One Man Show"). They study the mechanisms of humor production. For example, the use of the 3 digits in jokes such as - three different nationalities or religions or situations is not at all accidental; it is a conclusion of "studies" that says that 3 is a figure that has the greatest impact in creating humor. Not two, not four or more. There are also other language techniques (use of vocals, of the right rhythm and exact time of suspense, fail to erase on own jokes) that they practice for the moment, thus learning how to perform at their best based on the feedback they receive.

They pay attention to the feedback and they constantly improve and integrate based on it.

They constantly keep a certain level of detachment, dissociation of life's events, refusing to get carried away, or letting you take the life too seriously. And because of this level of detachment that develops with your sense of humor, they arrive more often and more closely to meditation state. By chance, most authentic spiritual masters have a sense of humor that conquers you. Meditation and humor definitely have something in common. Osho said that when you laugh, you do not think of anything, and a session of laughter from the heart equals a veritable meditation session -- if you define meditation as the absence of thoughts.

Children laugh 400 times a day, while adults do an average of 15 times a day! Watch your children! Shape them! We all have sense of humor to a certain extent, which we manifest occasionally in certain (usually very familiar) contexts. It is up to us to find our own way and discover our original footprint of manifestation in this area. Humor is not a technique, but a way of life. "If you cannot laugh, you can not live!" says a proverb. Try a very simple technique. Ask yourself this question: "What is the funniest thing that happened to you today? This week? In your entire life?" Definitely you'll find something. And once you start smiling inside, good mood will be on its way.

After finding something funny in your life, feel free to share it by commenting below or just give your opinion on the subject.






Humanities And Science High School - Tempe - 1105 E Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ

AIMS* Test Scores

Grade Level: 10

Test Year: 2012

Humanities And Science High School - Tempe

Humanities And Sciences Academy Of The United States Inc.

* In 2011-2012 Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) was used to test students in reading and mathematics in grades 3 through 8 and 10, writing in grades 5, 6, 7, and 10, and in science in grades 4, 8 and 10. AIMS is a standards-based test, which means that it measures how well students have mastered Arizona's learning standards. Students must pass the grade 10 AIMS in order to graduate. The goal is for all students to meet or exceed state standards on the test.






21 Signs You Went To A Performing Arts Camp

Theater camp, performing arts retreats, Interlochen. Call it what you like, but those precious days and weeks you spent in the company of other precocious thespians and troupers will forever hold a special place in your heart.

You reminisce about the glory days of camp players on a regular basis, because why wouldn't you want to relive the best moments of your adolescent life? Still with us? Ok, here are 21 signs you went to a performing arts camp:

1. While your friends packed bathing suits and sunscreen you packed character shoes and leotards. And perhaps a metronome.

2. While your friends had pre-camp jitters about making friends you were freaking out about try-outs. "Is my monologue too cliche?"

3. Half of your bunkmates were child actors or broadway stars. No big deal.

camp cabin

4. Your morning announcements weren't said, but sung. "Today we're having chicken nuuuuggets!"

5. You spent the first day of camp waiting in an epic line to audition. And the second day staring at a wall until the cast list went up. And it was awesome.

6. You may not have had a camp lake but the acoustics in your auditorium were unparalleled. Priorities, people.

camp cabin

7. Your bunk bonding nights go a little differently. "Never have I ever been in the chorus."

8. There was always a diva who refused to partake in daily bunk cleanup. And you can't tell her off in case she grows up to be the next Idina Menzel.

9. You're used to seeing six-year-olds in a full face of makeup. And curled hair.


10. Your friends give you grief for still going to summer camp but they don't understand. The shows need you. You'll volunteer, right?

11. Your ghost stories 'round the campfire involved forgetting your part at the camp-wide performance. Boo!

12. So-called "rest hour" is full of tap dancing, line reciting and harmony practicing. Sleep well!

kids theater

13. S'mores, good. Hot tea with honey? Better.

14. There's no archery, but there is a circus. Trapeze over everything.

15. You think east coast summers are hot? Try braving it in full-on Shakespearean garb.


16. You wanted a camp make-out. And you really wanted it to be on stage.

17. The talent shows got out of control. Oh, you thought this was just for fun?

18. There is no greater honor than getting a mic. You. are. worthy.


19. You beg your parents to come up and watch your big performance. But don't talk to anyone and don't do anything embarrassing, please.

20. You live 10 months for two. Camp forever and ever and ever and ever...

21. You'll go back every year no matter what. Until your Broadway career picks up, obviously.






List Poem: National Poetry Month Challenge - Yahoo Voices

What happened to me?

What time is it I wonder?

What day is it I wonder?

Whose voice is that I hear?

Who is touching my arm?

Why can't I feed myself?

Why can't I speak?

Why can't I move?

Why is someone pressing heavily on my chest?

What is that shock surging through my body?

Why can't I breathe on my own?

Why can't anyone hear me?

When am I going home?

Who will tell me the truth?

Whether I am dead or in a coma?

(The challenge today was to write a list poem, which could be a list items or a sequence of events.)






Most Anticipated RPG Games Of Fall/Winter 2010

Nevertheless, the game has carried out nicely enough to convince Nintendo to make a third Mario and Luigi game, 1 that sounds like it will be a wonderful deal of fun. Mario's mission this time was to gather the Pure Hearts necessary to stop Count Bleck from utilizing a effective void to destroy the globe. The former came in the form of stages that felt like the Mario games of yore, full with a score, power up items, and classic enemies. Nier is at present in stock on Amazon. One particular good function about the Gamestop website is you can check in-store availability by means of your zip code for a place near you. So now you know the specs, right here's the low down on game play. This can be as basic as inquiries about who they want to play and how they would portray him or her. You might want to add other specifications such as a sample post or journal entry to decide if the style is what you're searching for in your game. It's up to you whose applications you choose to accept.

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Gamers are in a position to access nearly all produces completely free as the developers could make added money by appealing to a larger quantity of customers. It is a win-win circumstance for everyone involved. Even so, the bore or irritation can take spot if the jobs of an on the web gaming atmosphere generate a perplexing impact to the player by itself, major to tension and exhaustion. Probably it was because I anticipated far more out of it. Oblivion had so a lot a lot more going for it. These two games don't even compare to every single other.
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The games designers are hoping by this phase that players make buddies in the virtual planet along with whom they can chat and reveal their experiences. Schools are not the only place where kids discover useful stuff. The aim of Travian is to construct a Entire globe Wonder utilizing sources created by the village alone. Do its characters, the game styles, and also the speed that these games provide provoked in you a require to develop your personal game? To make your personal game might unquestionably be an intriguing task for anyone with an undying need for gaming. In Hammerfall, you can actually influence the outcome while the fight is in progress. Its story is strange at 1st, though as it progresses it keeps acquiring far better. Unit Command by Wildcat Gaming is a intelligent and refreshing military trading cards game. Enemies can be taken out before you are detected (especially now that no cover is protected; guards can search anyplace).


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